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Pro Mags for Saiga-12

When I picked up my Saiga-12 I also grabbed some 10 round magazines from Pro mag. They seem fairly well made and sturdy. They also can be disassembled in the same manner as the Magpul Pmags. When inserted into my shotgun they lock up tight with no rattle or wiggle.

Out of the two magazines I picked up one of them had a small issue. The follower was binding about a third of the way down into the magazine and causing failure to feed’s. Luckily all I had to do was disassemble the magazine and lightly sand down the sides of the follower and it functions 100% since then.

One thing that struck me right off the bat is just how large they are. If you look in the pic below you will see some Pmags in the chest rig for some size comparison. I almost think they might be too long to use in a home defense role. I could easily see the magazine sticking out and catching on a door frame or something similar. I’m thinking a magazine with a capacity around 8 rounds would be about the right length. I also want to try out the 20 round drum by MD Arms it is obviously wider but I think the length would work better. Plus who wouldn’t want a shotgun with a 20 round drum?

Keep up the good fight