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Great customer service from RCS

I am a big fan of Raven Concealment holsters for several reasons. They make great holster that fit very close to the body making it very easy to carry concealed but they also have great customer service.

Here is an excellent personal example. A family member of mine ordered me a RCS holster for my birthday and had it shipped strait to my house. It was there Phantom LC for my Glock 19 with Surefire X300. Well the holster arrived and it was perfect. Well, almost perfect. It was for the right gun, the right light, but the wrong hand. My family member hadn’t noticed that the RCS webpage defaults to left handed when you are ordering a holster and you have to switch it to right handed if that is what you need.

Well I emailed RCS to let them know what happened and I really was only hoping for a possible discount so I could buy the right handed version of my new holster. I didn’t expect anything else because RCS was not at fault in anyway, my family member just didn’t change that one box. Well I quickly received a response asking me to send it back and they only asked for 5 bucks to cover return shipping.

I was amazed. This was a semi-custom, made to order product that they built to the specs they were given by a customer and yet the offered to exchange it outright.

If you are looking for a great kydex holster, mag carrier or light carrier please give these professionals a look. They also do custom work, just give them a call. I am already planning my next purchases from them.

You can find the store front for ordering at this link.

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Review of The Handgun Podcast

I just wanted to let y’all know about one of my favorite podcasts. The Handgun Podcast is hosted by Eric Shelton and comes out weekly on Fridays.

Eric’s show is informative and entertaining. He always has a short section of news at the beginning of his show to help his listeners up to date on firearms issues. He usually focuses on handguns and concealed carry but occasionally can’t help himself and starts talking about long guns.

On the subject of long guns, every fifth show is what Eric calls a “Black Rifle 5 Day” where he focuses on rifles. Some subjects he has covered in the past include a show on barrels, the new ACR rifle, and a show on rifle stocks.

Eric has a refreshing casual style that feels like he is just sitting down with you for a chat over a cold beverage. He is honest that he doesn’t have all the answers and even uses his own personal mistakes as teaching points for his listeners.

You should check out The Handgun Podcast on the Gun Rights Radio Network and all the other shows hosted there.

The Handgun Podcast can be found on iTunes or at the link above.

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