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Tourniquet NOW!

One of the pieces of gear I brought to NTC with me to try out was the Tourniquet NOW!  from Blue Force Gear. It is a simple strap of nylon with two elastic loops that is designed to be mounted to any MOLLE platform and hold any of the commonly available tourniquets with the two elastic straps.

Basically this allows you to mount a tourniquet pretty much anywhere on your kit that you have a single column of webbing.  It makes accessing your tourniquet exceptionally quick. This does the same thing that others used to do with rubber bands but this will hold up much better and not fall apart on you in the field.

How I run mine is I use it to hold an extra CAT on my centerline that can be easily grabbed with either hand while my IFAK with its CAT is further to my right but where I can just reach it with my left hand if I need to. I am all about being able to reach MY lifesaving supplies with both hands at pretty much all times. Many units, including the Army unit I’m with, like to run there’s all the way on one side or the other if not on their backs to make it easy for their buddy to find their IFAK. I am much more concerned with being able to treat myself if I am able to. To me the ability to treat myself (if possible) out weighs the sense of uniformity of having everyone’s IFAK mounted at the same location.

Anyone else have any experience with the Tourniquet NOW! strap? How did you like it? where do you have it mounted? Sorry there are no pictures, I’ll edit this when I get back and add some pics of the strap itself and where I have it mounted.

***UPDATE*** I’m finally back home so I added a picture of the Tourniquet NOW! mounted on my IBA.

Keep up the good fight