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Range Report 02-26-2010

Finally got to make it back out to the range after a bad stomach bug. Was a beautiful day buy still a little bit cold out. The sun was shining but it was still right around zero degrees fahrenheit.

I only took the Glock 19 and the new Saiga 12 out because I was a little short on time. I shot several mags through the Glock with no issues. It was mostly PMC Bronze but I also ran some Speer Gold Dot’s through it just to make sure it functioned 100%.

The Duraseal spinner target is still holding up pretty good but it didn’t seam to like the Gold Dot’s. They took some serious chunks out of the target. It is still functional and I’ll keep shooting it and reporting back until it dies.

On to the Saiga…
I only took a box of 25 shells out to the range because that was all I had. Big mistake, I ran through those and immediately packed up and ran to Walmart to grab a value pack of 100 shells. It ran amazingly though I did have some issues with one of the 10 round ProMags I picked up. The follower seems to be binding up in the mag. I’m going to mess around with it and see what I can do to fix it.

It was really fun doing double taps with 12 gauge and the short sight radius worked a lot better than I expected. Plus it is fun to have people walk up and say “Holy crap, what is that?”

Keep up the good fight


Range Report 02-07-2010

Well I’m finally getting settled in here in Fairbanks and now have my guns back so I figured it was a perfect day for a trip to the outdoor range. You can see the range weather in one of the pics at the bottom.

Had zero issues with any of the guns, wasn’t too cold but was still glad everything worked fine. I’m still breaking in the 1911 but it has run like a sewing machine so far. The Glock 19 continued to be boringly reliable. I was most concerned about the batteries in the EoTech on my AR with the cold but it also preformed like a champ.

I’d say the frozen targets were a success. It was very satisfying to watch chunks of ice get blown apart, espically when you are surronded by it.

I also tried out a new spinning target from Duraseal. It was ~20 bucks at Sportsmans Warehouse here in town and I didn’t expect a whole lot out of it. Boy was I wrong, I set it up a little too far out for me so it didn’t get as many hits as I would have liked but the ones it did take healed right up to were you almost can’t tell it was hit. After I get some more rounds into it I will post an actual review.

Overall good times, just wish it was warmer out and ammo was cheaper. We can dream can’t we?

Keep up the good fight