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Lancer L5 Extreme Cold Weather Test

Well I had seen some of the videos the Lancer Systems guys made with there mags and thought I would try it out for myself. I left a Lancer L5 loaded with 30 rounds outside in very low temps for a few days and then checked to see if it has gotten brittle to the point that it will break when dropped on concrete from chest height.

As a control I did several drops from various heights at room temp both loaded and unloaded with no issues. Worst case a round or two would pop out but no serious issues.

Well here is the mag outside in the snow and a shot showing the current temp when I started.

Well the mag sat loaded on my back porch in the snow for over 48 hours in below 30 degree weather. I took it into my garage and dropped it onto the concrete floor from shoulder height several times dropping it on its side, bottom, and even right onto the feed lips. The mag currently shows no damage whatsoever.

Looks like the mag holds up just fine to the cold, just keep them away from bug spray

Keep up the good fight