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Let me start off by saying that I have placed some orders with these guys in the past and wasn’t overly pleased with the experience. My biggest complaint was ordering something and only after ordering it finding out it was back ordered for an indefinite amount of time and then having it show up weeks and sometimes months later with no further email traffic. I have no problem with ordering something that is back ordered but I want to know that it is back ordered and a decent estimate of a timeline for when it will be back in stock.

My most recent order was a much more pleasant experience. My wife was complaining that I needed some new pants, mine were getting a little worn out. Not long after I received an email from containing a special on some of the 5.11 Covert Khaki’s. I went ahead and ordered a pair of the pants from them because it was a really good deal. I placed the order late at night and the next morning I received an email from customer service member letting me know that the color and size I ordered was out of stock and discontinued, she also offered to either cancel my order or change my order to one of the other colors that they did have in stock. I quickly emailed back requesting a different color and within hours received an email confirming that my order had been shipped.

Four days after the shipping confirmation email I got my package in the mail. I’m currently living in Alaska and mail can be a little slow sometimes so I was pretty happy with the speed of delivery. Nothing real exciting here, package came quick and was a great deal.

Overall I was very pleased with my new order and how things went. I still wish their webpage would let you know what is and is not in-stock before you place your order but the way they handled my out of stock order was plenty acceptable. I’m sure I will be ordering for them again and will continue to pay attention to their closeout section that contains some amazing deals.

Keep up the good fight