My Range Bag

Everyone has sometime of range bag.  Some people have dedicated purpose made range bags and on the other end of the spectrum some people carry their stuff to the range in a plastic grocery bag.

What I use to carry my range supplies is a dirty little secret that I need to confess.  I use a cheap Chinese knock off of the SOTech Go Bag.  Occasionally I will buy a knock off of a product to see how I like the design before I drop the coin on the real thing just find out it doesn’t work for me.  Let me just say I love this bag and will be ordering the real thing shortly.

The bag is slightly unusual, it is really just a tall cylinder with three pockets on the front and a single wide strap.  It also has a grab handle on both the top and bottom.  The back panel, the part the goes against your body when you have it slung, has two tethered zippers that allows the panel to fully open and give you full access to the interior of the bag.

On the outside of the bag I added a panel of sage green Velcro on each side so I could add some patches just for fun.  Right now it is wearing an ITS Tactical patch on one side and a Mil-Spec Monkey “Immediate Action” patch on the other side.  I also wrapped some sage green 550 cord around the top handle to give it a more comfortable handle and make it look “cooler” (can’t forget the CDI factor).  I also have a pair of Camelback Vent-back gloves attached to one side of the bag with a grimloc through the PALS webbing, these are my shooting gloves and I love them.

Also on the outside I have attached a 5.11/VTAC water bottle holder to some of the PALS webbing.  I keep an ATS low profile medical insert stocked with gunshot wound supplies in the water bottle holder (look for a review of the medical insert soon) with the red handle hanging out to help identify it as a medical pouch.  I like have the medical pouch on the outside of the bag so that I never forget to bring it and it is easy to find.  I’d hate to be sitting there digging through my bag looking for medical supplies after an accident at the range.

The main pouch is where I stuff my magazines and my ammunition.  If the bag is not full it will collapse on itself and not hold its shape, knowing this I start by stacking boxes of ammunition on the bottom to make a stable base.  I usually have several boxes of 12 gauge shot shells on the bottom followed by boxes of 9mm and .45 ACP with some smaller boxes of .22LR filling in the spaces and then my magazines stacked on top.

On to the three smaller pouches on the outside.  Starting with the top pocket, it carries a Surefire G2 with an aftermarket LED lamp upgrade (I still can’t see in the dark) and a multi-tool of some type (I rotate them out sometime).  In the middle pocket I have a cotton bandana (it’s amazing how often this comes in handy) and I also stick my camera in a small Pelican case in that pocket, when I remember to grab it.  If you ever see a post with a crappy picture that probably means I forgot my camera and I’m relying on my iphone to take pictures with.  Finally in the bottom pocket I carry a small bottle of lubricant and a medium sized mesh bag to put my spent brass in.  I don’t reload yet but I have started saving my brass because I intend to start sometime in the future.

One of my other favorite things about this bag is that it is great for shooting off of.  I’m really working on improving my marksmanship with my 10/22 so I can make sure my fundamentals rock before I start looking for a full size bolt gun for some longer range precision shooting

So what do y’all use to carry all of your supplies to the range?  Do you have something special you take to the range with you?  Got any questions about why I carry something or don’t carry something else?  Post a reply letting me know and if you want shoot me an email at and I’ll add it to this post, let’s see those range bags!

Keep up the good fight

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