Painting magazines

You might have noticed from the picture in the review of my AR that
my magazines are painted and numbered for easy identification.  Most people
understand the benefits of marking your magazines such as easier
identification at the range, identifying which magazines seems to be giving
you issues such as double feeds, and most importantly the CDI factor.

I’ll quickly run you through how I went about painting mine to give them a
different look but still keep them easily identifiable.  I didn’t come up
with this idea I originally saw it in a thread on M4Carbine of ARFcom
and thought it was an interesting idea that I should give a try.

First I gathered up some of my Magpul Pmags and disassembled them.
If you have never handled a Pmag before one of the advantages is that they
are extremely easy to take apart.  All you have to do is push a button on
the bottom of the base plate and slide the base plate off of the body of the
magazine and then remove the spring.  I then used some warm soapy water to
clean the magazines and then set them outside to dry.

After this I laid out a large piece of cardboard paper to do the painting on so I didn’t end up with grey grass.  I arrange the magazines on the cardboard and ensured they had enough room between them so I wouldn’t be worried about any overspray from the other magazines.  I laid the stencils on top of the magazine bodies at a slight angle for aesthetic reasons and held the stencil in place with a stick so it wouldn’t move around while I was spraying them.  I could have taped them down but the stick was just quicker and easier and ended up working just as well.

While the first side dried I went inside and got a drink, checked my email and ate a sandwich.  Once the sandwich was done it was time to see if the paint was dry enough to do the other side.  They were dry to the touch so I went ahead and flipped them over and repeated the process making sure to match the numbers up correctly.  I didn’t want a magazine saying 3 on one side and 5 on the other.

Another trip inside to let them dry in the sun and then all that was left was to reassemble them.  They look pretty good and the numbering is functional so I can track the magazines and not mix them up with other peoples.  If I had it to do over again I would use a darker grey but the shade I found was all they had at the store and I wanted to go ahead and give this a try.  I might end up redoing them in the future but who knows.

Keep up the good fight

    • Mikewood
    • May 6th, 2010

    Um, your numbers are too big or do you only have ten mags? I guess if you used alpha also you could ID up to 36 mags.

    Thanks for the blog!

    • Well honestly I only have 10 pmags. I also have a few Lancer L5’s and some GI metal magazines.

      If you needed more you could always use smaller stencils or do the first number higher on the body of the magazine and have the second number lower.

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. Hope to see you reply more.

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