First time carrying in public

Well recently I carried a pistol in public for the first time. I have been interested in concealed carry for personal defense for some time but have been stationed in Europe for the last three years so I never got a good chance to do so.

I was on my way to the range and needed to stop at the local Wal-Mart to pick some odds and ends for the wife. I was carrying my full size 1911 in a Ghost holster from Raven Concealment Holsters. With it being so cold here in interior Alaska is that just about everyone is wearing large coats so I did the same. My normal winter jacket was more than enough to conceal a full size 1911 worn outside the waistband.

As you might imagine I was a little apprehensive at first thinking that everyone was staring at the gun shaped bulge in my jacket but soon was reminded how unobservant many people are. Looking back I’m sure no one noticed but it was definitely a great learning experience.

I plan on carrying my Glock 19 daily but I’m still waiting for my holster for it to come in.

Why don’t you leave me a comment talking about your first time carrying? Or maybe maybe some advice for people new to carrying a gun for personal defense.

Keep up the good fight

    • Corbin
    • January 8th, 2012

    Hi Rob,
    My first time carrying concealed was in the Philippine Islands, I was raised on a farm in the midwest US and always had a gun in my hands as a kid, target shooting, plinking with 22s, hunting, etc. There was never a need to carry concealed at that time and place. There was no crime 18 miles outside of a town of 1800 people.
    After getting out and seeing the world, spending 3 years in the sandbox, ive seen how horrible things can happen to good people for no reason, and in an instant. So i carry every day now, In the car, in the mall, and even in my house. I think there is no reason not to have a firearm within reach at nearly all times. I dont shower carry, but thats about all.
    My big mistake when deciding to get a carry weapon was this, I went too big. My thinking was this, (and i cant remember if it came from R. Lee Ermy or Massad Ayoob, but i think it was one of the two), ” No one in a gunfight has ever wished that they had a smaller gun”. So thinking that its better to have more rounds in the gun and not have to reload i bought a high capacity 9mm. I also thought it would be better to be accurate so i bought a 5 in barreled gun. On top of that I had zero experience with striker fired polymer pistols. I was a 1911 and M9 (beretta 92) shooter. So i bought a 92 and got the carry license.
    The first thing that i figured out is that it is nearly impossible to conceal a pistol that large in a tropical climate. After awhile i also hated how heavy it is. I always loved steel guns, when i saw my first glock in the late 80s or early 90s I thought to myself what a piece of plastic junk.
    I pick up my new Glock 27 on friday, and I cant wait to have that little 3in barrel, nice smooth polymer slide, and the 19 or so ounces empty that i will have to carry.
    I think getting a CCW and starting to carry will make most people a fan of smaller firearms. It has’nt made me a fan of smaller calibers, but smaller frames, shorter barrels, and lighter materials, you bet.

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