Battle Flag of Gonzales

Everyone has seen the Battle Flag of Gonzales whether they realize it or not. It is the iconic black and white flag with a star, a cannon, and the words “Come and Take it.”

Lots if 2nd amendment advocates and other gun enthuisiasts live to use this as a symbol of there willingness to fight unconstitutional gun control, but do they all know the story behind it?

The Battle of Gonzales is considered the first battle on the Texan war for indepenence. The Mexican government had given the small town of Gonzales a small brass cannon to help them defend themselves from Indian raids.

As Santa Anna become more of a dictator the Texians began to wonder if they still wanted to remain loyal to Mexico. Santa Anna understood the Texians plans and sent 100 dragoons to Gonzales to remove the cannon.

The town of Gonzales along with people from other locals villages gathered under the “Come and Take it” flag. Eventually armed conflict between the two groups broke out and the townsfolk pushed the dragoons back.

Like I said this was the first battle in the Texas war for independence. It was like the Texan version of Lexington and showed the spirit of the people of Texas and there willingness to stand up to authority.

So now that you know the history behind the flag, leave me some comments letting me know if or how it is suitable for the 2nd amendment movement.

Keep up the good fight

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